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The way to prepare yourself for the SLCP assessment and verification process

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SLCP – what is it about?

SLCP has brought together diverse stakeholders to create and implement a common tool to reduce the time and money spent on social auditing. The aim of SLCP is to redirect savings from auditing to improving working conditions

The common tool is called the Converged Assessment Framework (CAF). The CAF results in a high-quality verified data set that has no value-judgment or scoring, and can be compared across countries, regions and tiers. Our IT system, consisting of the Gateway and Accredited Hosts, was built to allow facilities to share their verified data with a large number of stakeholders.

The online training has been developed to help users understand why we do what we do and with whom, as well as our tools and our system.

For facilities

The online training course consists of seven modules. Three of these modules are key for you: Module 3 on the Data Collection Tool, Module 6 on the Gateway, and Module 7 on the Accredited Hosts. Signing up as a facility will automatically enrol you in the Facility Course and Certificate. Completing the three mentioned modules within the Course will grant you a Certificate with a CODE that can be included in your facility profile on the Gateway. Feel free to also explore the other modules on SLCP, ITC, Verification and Verification Oversight to come to a full understanding of the SLCP process and system.

For aspiring Verifiers

For aspiring Verifiers, the online training course is the best way to prepare yourself for the Verifier Exam, the last step before being approved as a Verifier. The Verifier Course consists of seven modules that all need to be completed to get access to the Exam. To be invited to the Verifier Course and Certificate, an aspiring Verifier needs to fill in the application. The Verification Oversight Organization (VOO) is in charge of the Verifier selection process and invites candidate Verifiers to the training if they meet the Verifier criteria. For more information, click here.

For brands and others

To understand what the SLCP process and system entails, and how to support the facilities and Verifiers that actively participate in the process, the e-learning course is available for all that are stakeholders in SLCP. Brands will come to a better understanding of what is asked from facilities, and can see if all checks and balances are in place to trust the outcomes of the SLCP process. We invite all to take the course and give us their honest feedback to further improve process and system.

How to sign up?

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